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Who we are

Shared Comm IT brings your communications to the future with the AWS cloud-based 3CX phone system. Revolutionize your communications-move to business phones that go where you go.

Shared IT

Shared IT is a Managed IT Service Provider that has been serving clients locally and nationally for over twenty years. Shared IT provides world-class service with Midwest values. Clients in business, healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, and the non-profit sectors receive both on-site and remote IT support 24/7. Consistently working to build strong relationships, Shared IT interacts with clients regularly, becoming a real part of the team. Focus on your business goals while Shared IT makes your IT needs its top priority.

Shared Med IT

As a NextGen partner for twenty years, Shared Med IT specializes in innovation, by developing customized solutions for Medical Practice Management and Electronic Healthcare Records. Our custom solutions are matched by training and a variety of service offerings. Focus on your practice while we leverage our NextGen team to meet your unique needs.

Shared Protect IT

Shared IT Protect provides clients with the security tools needed to maintain safe networks. Ongoing monitoring of systems and data is enhanced by Network Audits, Risk Assessments, Annual Reviews, Security Scorecards, Cyber-Insurance Network Audit support, and Employee Cybersecurity Education.

What We Do

Leveraging the 3CX platform to bring communication to you. Where ever you go – it goes: in the office, at home, and on the road. Communicate with your clients – by voice, video, text, and web.

Return on Your Investment

A system that costs less to buy and expand with a greater return on investment.


Have your phone system available even when your business internet is down.

Realtime Caller to Customer Matching

Automate customer record look-up in your computer record systems.

Anywhere Communications

Turn your smart phone into your business desk phone. Take and make calls without ever giving up your personal cell number.


“The average time it took patient attendants to answer the phones for the month of April was around 10-11 minutes. Since we have gone live with 3CX this number has dropped to around 1 minute!!!”

Shared Comm IT Healthcare Client

Shared Comm IT’s team of communications specialists brings tremendous bench strength to our clients.


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