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Cloud-based phone systems that allow your business communications to be wherever you work! Office-Home-Remote-Anywhere your business takes you.

Shared Comm IT was started by Shared IT (a Managed IT Service Provider) to offer clients cloud-based phone systems powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services). The 3CX phone system allows clients to cut the cord of traditional phone systems while cutting the cost.

By integrating 3CX with AWS, Shared Comm IT connects your phones with your business systems and data.

Our low-cost calling plans will reduce your monthly investment. Partnering with one of the largest SIP service companies, we offer the lowest rates for traditional local and long-distance calling.

Integrated text message communication gets you closer to your customers. Enabling features like text to your call center or web chat direct, Shared Comm IT routes your communications to wherever you go.


“The average time it took patient attendants to answer the phones for the month of April was around 10-11 minutes. Since we have gone live with 3CX this number has dropped to around 1 minute!!!”

Shared Comm IT Healthcare Client

Shared Comm IT’s team of communications specialists brings tremendous bench strength to our clients.


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