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Windows on Amazon Ec2
Managed Microsoft Workloads in the Cloud

Why place your Microsoft work on Amazon Web Services EC2?

Placing your Windows work on Amazon Web Services EC2 (Amazon’s Elastic Cloud) gives you the flexibility to increase and decrease your computing capacity in seconds, while reducing your security risk. You will take your business from relying on static server capacity to simultaneously being able to access one, or thousands of servers…as much or as little as you need, when you need it. The Amazon Web Services Cloud platform will give you what you need today, tomorrow and in the future…the upgrade is already built in.


As an Amazon Web Services Select Partner, the Shared IT team brings you over 50 years of combined expert experience. Our EC2 expertise, coupled with a deep knowledge of Microsoft SQL, has already allowed Shared IT to successfully migrate Microsoft applications to Amazon Web Services. We deliver to your business custom solutions, steadfast support and best in practice security. Partner with us as we partner with AWS EC2.


This AWS EC2 solution is available to the client and can be accessed from anywhere, any time.


Shared IT is focused on security and with Amazon Web Service EC2 we provide its security with end-to-end encryption.


The AWS EC2 platform provides uninterrupted secure service with recovery from failures, all by design.


Shared IT and AWS EC2 improve client processes, allowing our clients to stay focused on core business outcomes.


With AWS EC2 your business operations will perform with increased flexibility in a secure and expandable environment.


Shared IT analyzes EC2 usage and modifies your AWS environment, so you don’t pay for unused resources.


Your IT infrastructure is always up to date and performing at the highest caliber with no large capital outlay.


Scale your IT capacity up, or even down, as your business needs dictate through the flexibility of AWS EC2.

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