Look at what you’re spending on your phone system. We bet it’s too much. Are you using modern-day features that take advantage of the AWS cloud?

Shared IT combines 3CX and AWS to give your business a complete, modern, highly flexible communications platform offering integrated call, video, and live chat capabilities that increases employee productivity, enhances customer experiences, and dramatically reduces your phone costs and management headaches.

Shared IT clients are switching to 3CX and enjoying savings of 40 percent or more per month. Moreover, they are benefitting from the many features that 3CX has to offer, including the ability to:

  • Provide your customers with a stable phone system when they call you
  • Pay less to expand a phone system with a greater return on investment
  • Automate your on-call forwarding
  • Have a desk phone at home for enhanced remote work
  • Have your office phone extension on your mobile phone
  • Have your phone system available even when the office internet is down
  • Retrieve your customer or patient records automatically when they call into your office
  • Use your anywhere mobile phone to take and make business calls

3CX is a secure, reliable, and effortless communications platform that has an enormous global user base that includes more than 600,000 customers in 190 countries.

  • By relying on and AWS Cloud Computing, clients are paying only for IT resources such as servers and disk space they use and no more
  • Improving business performance through proactive monitoring, notifications, and optimization
  • Enjoying consistently high performance, availability, security, and compliance with their organization’s policies and regulatory mandates like HIPAA and PCI compliance

Contact Shared IT to evaluate your phone system and learn how 3CX can dramatically reduce your costs while offering comprehensive, modern-day features that deliver exceptional customer experiences to your patients and customers while providing advanced communications.